GPs at the Deep End North East North Cumbria

Webinar 8

27th September 2023 @ 12:30pm to 2:00pm

27th September 2023 @ 12:30pm to 2:00pm

Key note speaker  Dr Gill Rowlands – Healthy literacy

Elswick Family Practice for Elswick Family Health Ltd and Professor of Primary Care, Newcastle University

Then thoughts and ideas on two pilot projects

Deep End Vaccine Catch up Team Pilot

The Deep End Offer: A vaccine catch up team offered to all practices for limited timeframe. This is open to all practices but will be prioritised dependent on current vaccine uptake rates.  Please get in touch with Amber who is evaluating the project and is keen to hear your thoughts and views via email [email protected]

Social Determinants of Health Pilot

The Deep End Offer: This project aims to place extra resource funded through the Deep End to tackle social determinants of health.  We are looking into 3 options of support, e.g. social prescribing link worker or benefits advisor, which practices can opt in to. Please consider what gaps in service you may have and bring your ideas and good practice examples to the webinar to discuss. If there is anything you’d like to share beforehand please contact Sarah Chapman on [email protected]

Watch the webinar: Webinar 8 

Presentation here : Webinar 8 Full Deck