GPs at the Deep End North East North Cumbria


We recognise that recruitment is difficult across the board for General Practice and we know that areas of high socio-economic deprivation are consistently underserved.

Deep End NENC and Health Education England North East are developing a Deep End Career Start Fellowship:a two year fellowship for GPs in their first two years post-CCT. The newly appointed GP will have a mentor and have 1-2 paid sessions of CPD time each week (depending on clinical commitment) which can be used to pursue extra training or qualification in an area such as Substance Misuse or Sexual Health. Less than full time working can be accommodated.



Inclusion health. Deprivation medicine. Teaching medical students and other healthcare professionals about the social determinants of health takes many forms and can sometimes seem abstract and far-removed from the patient and their reality. We believe that general practice is a great opportunity for students to learn about the ways that people’s health is influenced by the other factors in their lives, such as poverty, poor housing and job insecurity.

We want to empower and support Deep End practices in teaching medical students, foundation doctors and GP registrars so that the next generation of GPs are able to provide holistic care to those impacted by social disadvantage.

The Road to the Deep End

Working at the Deep End can be complex and challenging but we also know it can be incredibly interesting and rewarding. We need to make sure the Deep End is staffed with the brightest and most enthusiastic graduates. In the Road to the Deep End we have highlighted ways to engage interested students from high school all the way through GP training and beyond, helping to develop an interest in inclusion health that prepares them for working and thriving in areas of high socioeconomic deprivation, multimorbidity and social complexity.

Road to the Deep End applies to medical students but could be adapted for nursing and other allied health professionals.



Advocating for our patients, practices, and communities is a key priority for Deep End NENC, as demonstrated in our mission statement.

Clinical Lead Martin Weatherhead suggests some of the questions we need to be asking at every level, read it here.



High quality research into health inequalities is needed to shape policy and local and national level. We have partnered with researchers from Newcastle University and the NIHR Applied Research Collaborative NENC to evaluate the interventions and initiatives generated by the Deep End.

For more information about projects and outputs from the Deep End across the North East and North Cumbria visit our dedicated Research page.